In this tutorial, I lead you through a second (and very easy) method for creating comic book Panels with InDesign CS6.



In this tutorial, I walk you through creating a simple 2x3 comic book / graphic novel template in Adobe InDesign CS6.


Illustrator CS6. Applying a gradient in a new document for the first time can be a little tricky if you want to apply your own swatches. Also shows how to save your own Gradient Swatch.


Excel 2010 Line Charts (Hidden Sheets)

Jason Rosenfeld uses the pen name of Jesse Greene


Many books already exist on how to be a better writer, painter, etc. But very few teach you how to first prepare the essential creative foundations in your life in order to get there. Jesse Greene leads this informative workshop on his "Ten Living Points" that prep you to flood your entire life with creativity.


I didn't know I had a daughter until she was 16 years old.  (Fiction)