I Can't Feed Silk Anymore

I screwed up at work today.  I came home and cried.

"Silk!  I may have to cut back on your rations!  No more food for you!"

Silk didn't cry with me.  He just sat by the door and asked to be given away to a neighbor.


Silk Hates Christmas

I took Silk out to play in the snow.  I thought it would make him happy.

I yelled:  "Silk!  I see Santa!"

Silk just stared at me.  Disgusted with my frippery.


Silk Is A Bigot

I went on a date this Saturday.  She said the Jews killed Jesus. 

I told Silk later:  "She said she's not interested in blaming anyone, but only in historical accuracy."

Silk didn't say anything.  He looked away, indifferent.

OH, SILK...!

Silk Never Helps Out

Hurricane Sandy flooded NYC.  On Halloween.

I told Silk:  "Silk, We can't go to the parade.  We have to help people."

Silk said nothing.  He just laid there.


Silk Is Not Up on World Events

I read that the Houthis invaded the capital of Yemen.  I told Silk immediately.

"Silk!  The Houthis have taken Sana!  This is important!"

Silk didn't say anything.  He just laid there.

OH, SILK...!

My Dog Doesn't Go Very Deep.

Maybe Silk is the philosophical type.  I asked him a deep question.

"Silk.  Which is stronger?  The giant boulder blocking the river, or the river itself?"

He didn't say anything.  He just laid there.

OH, SILK...!

Silk Doesn't Want to be Friends

I can't live like this.  I can't enable Silk's disrespectful behavior anymore.

I demanded:  "Silk.  You have to choose whether you live here or someone else's home.  Choose!"

Silk didn't say anything.  He just waited for me to go away.

OH, SILK...!

Silk is Not "Mah Dawg"

A real live girl came over last night.  But fled after Silk spied on her in the bathroom.

I asked:  "Silk, did you scare away my date?"

Silk didn't say anything.  He just gave me his jailhouse look.  

OH, SILK...!

Silk Sleeps Somewhere Else Now

Silk sleeps somewhere else now.  But he still eats and drinks away all my money.

Half-asleep after the clock alarm, I peered at his empty bed.  "Silk," I asked.  "Isn't your old apple box stuffed with my old ski jacket enough?"

He wasn't there.  He was at his dog bowl, demanding his due.

OH, SILK...!

Silk Returns

Silk disappeared for more than a week on New Years Eve.  Today he came back.  

I shrieked:  "Oh my God!  Silk!  Where were you?"

He said nothing, wearing a party wig and clenching a stranger's ball in his mouth.

OH, SILK...!

My Dog is Still Missing

I had to ask the neighbors.  I think they all knew Silk.  

I pleaded:  "Please, please!  Have you seen my dog?"

They all asked the same thing, "Wait, doesn't Silk hate you?"

OH, SILK...!

My Dog is Missing

I came home from hiking.  My first task was to pick up Silk from my neighbor.

I greeted her:  "Hi!  I came to pick up my dog!  I missed him!"

But she hid her face in shame.  She said, "Silk went missing on New Year's Eve!"

OH, SILK...!

I Miss My Dog

I too a hike through snowy terrain today.  But all I could think of was my dog back home.

I needed space from Silk.  He would have spited me by holding back on the trail.

But I also suspected Silk would have grown to love leaping through the snow.  Or bounding from rock to rock.

OH, SILK...!

Missing Silk.jpg

I Need to Get Away From Silk

I needed space and went hiking in Poughkeepsie.  I left Silk with a neighbor for the New Year holiday.

I told Silk:  "Silk, you're staying next door.  The neighbors are boring and you'll hate them too."

But from the mountain looking out at the city. I missed my dog.  


OH, SILK...!

Nag! Nag! Nag!

Three days ago I wanted to relax in the park.  I took Silk.

I begged him:  "Please, Silk.  Let's just enjoy each other's company and look at the change of seasons!  Please!"

We're still arguing.  That little nightmare.

OH, SILK...!